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My Passions

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Spending time with Team Davis (my family).

Sharing the love of Jesus.

Celebrating the truth found in His Word and curating safe spaces for women to uncover who they are in Christ. 

Blasting hip hop from the eighties to keep me balanced.

My mornings start with tithing the first portion of my day to God through prayer and bible study to Day Well, and I top it all off with creamer and a splash of strong coffee. 


Yep, in that order!




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My Journey

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A Maven knows who she is in Christ and understands the character of God.

As the steward of the Wonderfully Marvelous brand, I must honestly tell you there were times during my healing journey that I didn’t know who I was in Christ, and I did not feel wonderful or marvelous. The word wonderfully is the Hebrew word pala, which means to be separate, distinguished, or unique. I often felt different during childhood, but not how God intended. I did not understand the complexities of who He created me to be and I didn’t know I was set apart for His glory and bought with a price.


While my parents were extremely caring, spoiled me to no end, and made sure I knew I was special to them, I often felt like I did not have a place to belong and that my voice did not matter. This self-doubt grew as I split my time between my Mom and Stepfather during the week and my Dad and Stepmother on the weekends. They each had two different environments, and I felt I had to fit into them instead of just being me. And once my brothers were born, my identity shifted. I thought my parents had their perfect families, and I was left on the outside to be tolerated. While it was a fact I was a part of a blended family, me being on the outside was not the truth; even though my eight-year-old mind believed it to be so. 

But God.

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The Shift

God was always in the picture while growing up.

My Mom often took me to church, and in middle school, I joined a youth group with one of my seesters that is still in my life to this day. The Wednesday nights spent in the youth group is when I began learning about the character of God, but I did not have intimacy with Him. Since then, I have had numerous highs and more lows than I care to admit. But I realized that the unhealed little girl inside me was showing up in my adult life.


I knew it was time to reach out and grab my healing like the woman with the issue of blood in Luke 8:42-43. I had carried the pain too long, and my graduate degrees and influence could no longer cover the hurt I held and the fear I hid behind my smile, scripture quoting, and speaking engagements. I needed to surrender to Jesus and accept His truth about myself. 

I had to face the pain and assess where I was, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, similar to when God asked Eve, “Where are you?”.

He did not ask her that question because He did not know where she was. He asked her so she could self-assess and reflect. I allowed God to uproot it all so He could rebuild my foundation. And that journey allowed me to release the shame and unforgiveness I had carried for over thirty years.

My Healing

I had to see who I was through His eyes, and that gave me the strength to understand the complexity of His workmanship—the complexity of being wonderfully marvelous, no matter my past. When I decided to show up as my authentic self, God met me right where I was and healed the little girl inside of me. He showed me that the things I have been through do not make me who I am; He does. God’s signature on my heart allows me to live a life imprinted with His goodness. He has done a marvelous work in me. This work means I can show up as a better wife to my husband. We can raise our son in a healthy environment filled with God’s love and true peace.


I now see that my parents gave me their all while raising me, they always had my best interest in mind, and they love me unconditionally, just as I am. I do not have to compare my upbringing to my brothers in any way because we are family, and they love me just as much as I love them. Plus, I am the big sister, so what I say goes! Walking my healing journey also makes me a better friend, and with Jesus as my example, I can live wonderfully marvelous through Him so that I may also be that example for you. I am wonderfully loved, marvelously free in Christ, and my most authentic self. Although the pain of the past may have been hard to process, the work I have done reminds me that God calls me to live a life submitted to Him and free from that pain. I am wonderfully marvelous and I always was! And the good news is, you are too. 


 I would not ask you to do anything I have not done myself. It is time to exchange your thoughts about yourself for His truth. He is calling you to operate from a space of divine healing, wonder, and love. Allow Him in, rest in Him, and be nurtured by His spirit.  

He is waiting on you, and so am I. 


Kimberly NicholeDavis

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